Looking back to my school days!

From Left >> Tikaram, Chandan, Me, Saroj, Sudarshan, Chintan!
Sometimes i look at the mirror and question myself, “Is my school life over??” As soon as ma brain gets the answer “yes”, i go emotional, so much emotional that ma tears roll down from ma eyes carrying each glorious moments i spent during ma school life.
Oh god!!! Please do care of those golden days which i have stored safely in ma heart. I am often get lost in the school world which i think is the best part of getting back into it. My friends, my teachers, my classroom, my cool school uniform; all they are so very meaningful and precious to me; the jokes cracked with the teachers, educational tour to western Nepal, Holi played with teachers and friends, picnic in Hetauda, science exhibition in the annual day when we tried to make a robot (phewww!!! that was not good enough) , mass-punishment with the commitment paper given to principal sir (Ooops!! thats a secret..lol!) and lastly but not the least farewell party and so on….
These moments meant a lot to me which cherish my heart. But now, all i can say is, it just seems a beautiful story once upon a time which badly pinches me today since those moments are now gone leaving behind only sweet memories.
It was a month before SLC exam when all of us with heavy hearts bade each other the saddest good-bye. On 12th chaitra with different expressions of excitement and nervousness, we met each other and took SLC exam in the best way we could. Day by day our studious time were about to end up. It was finally over on 20th chaitra. We took memorable photographs with friends and went back to home pilling up the memories collected with friends within these school days. I feel as if it was just yesterday, a boy(me) with a tiny water bottle around his entered the school has already crossed the iron gate.
Time is really a flowing river with its endless flow. The entire riches of this world can’t buy a minute lost. So, wasting the precious time is no smart deed. Now I am studying Bsc.CSIT at gaidakot-2, Nawalparasi. It somehow tries to make me feel as if i am in my own school but still checking homework, nails and other strict activities are missing a lot.
I am curious to know where are my school friends now??? and what might be they doing right now??? I am really missing my GLOOMYGUYS yar. How i wish i could be there with you guys!!! Chatting, joking, laughing and doing lots of fun with you people but its just an imagination now!!! We are shit enough that we couldn’t simply manage a get together party or reunion party also after our school days. Lets hope we could do that in future….
My school days are so unforgettable to me that it has even the power to melt the hardest of rocks. Until I breathe my last breathe, I’ll never stop needling those cute days. Anyways, one great figure has said, “What happens, happens for the best!”. So lets hope for the best!
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