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A journey of Caterpillar to Butterfly!

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22 July, 2015. I was so excited, curios & nervous with the day coming to an end. The clock stroke 11:00 pm. My heart was beating faster with every passing minute. “Tring Tring” my cellphone beeped with a blinking light… Continue Reading →

First time at Border – Raxual!

It was a cool November morning in 2015 when I walked out of my house and headed towards Rautahat, Nepal to drop my aunty. “Chandranigahpur” the exact name of that place. The sun blazed through half-naked tree branches, emphasizing the… Continue Reading →

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आज पानी परेको छ। शहरको यो मेरो सानो कोठाको झ्यालबाट पानीका बाछिटा भित्र छिर्दा अतितको याद बल्झिरहेछ। अझैपनी सम्झिन्छु गाउँघरमा पानी पर्दाका त्यी दिनहरु…. पिंढिमा बसेर स्टिलको गिलासमा तातो तातो कालो चिया खाइन्थ्यो.. बलेनीको पानीमा खेल्न निकै रमाइलो हुन्थ्यो.. गोठमा… Continue Reading →

Looking back to my school days!

  Sometimes i look at the mirror and question myself, “Is my school life over??” As soon as ma brain gets the answer “yes”, i go emotional, so much emotional that ma tears roll down from ma eyes carrying each… Continue Reading →

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